United Arab Emirates:

We are a team of international experienced experts and dynamic young academics and are proud to be multi-cultural and polyglot

(German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Polish, Portuguese).

Our philosophy is to provide customers in MENA, CIS and Europe with Swiss quality consultancy- and product supply services.​



The multidiscipline know how of our team members allowing us to offer in different business fields a wide range of services* as business consultants, managers and concept designers.

  ◆ B2B development

  ◆ Industry, Construction, Lifestyle

  ◆ Administration Services


*) limited to certain geographical areas!


Optimizing business processes and creating long lasting business relationships is top priority for us. We offer managerial services and provide training, consultancy and supervision of managers to boost their performance towards the general business operations. The CONSU network operates in vast industries. We provide only top experts with many years of experience and great visions. We can proudly offer consultancy and management services for the following:

  ◆ Business development

  ◆ Interim handling of local commercial operations

  ◆ Market studies and market intelligence

  ◆ Analysis of potentials

  ◆ Detection of trends and threads

  ◆ Proposition of action plans

  ◆ Finding new partners, distributors, buyers or sellers

  ◆ Supply chain optimization, procurement outsourcing

  ◆ Conceptions on systems and solutions for light gauge metal construction

  ◆ Management support and guidance, interims management


Concepts deserve creative minds with experience and vision on how to enhance the general performance. Predicting industry trends and solving problems is key to a successful concept. The blend of internationally experienced experts and young dynamic academics helps in the design of the most up to date and modern solutions. We assist in the following fields:

  ◆ Administration, Financial advisory and services

  ◆ Real estate Ivestments and Rentals

  ◆ Entertainment, Luxury- and Life Style products

Your regional HUB

We are your representative-office taking care of your and your customer’s needs and help you with Swiss efficiency for sustainable customer satisfaction.


Your efficient local hub for cost saving operations and market presence.

  ◆ Follow-up of existing contacts

  ◆ New business

  ◆ Local representative office

  ◆ Market intelligence

CONSU and its large and global network is the efficient HUB at affordable costs for your business. As your representative, we professionally follow-up on existing contacts and quotations, promoting your business, facilitating new sales and servicing your new and existing customers in line with your policy and with Swiss efficiency for sustainable customer satisfaction.

We assist in:

◆ Sales activities and negotiations

◆ Marketing and business development

◆ Market intelligence

◆ Support for order processing and import

◆ Customer related services and maintenance

◆ General commercial services


  ◆ Quality services and products, competitive and on time!
  ◆ Large offer
  ◆ Top prices and conditions
  ◆ Logistic service
  ◆ Technical support

We offer the supply of materials, products and services matching customers’ demands for availability, quality and price. Our international network allowing us to propose the following:

  ◆ Sourcing of products and services
  ◆ Buy and sell deals
  ◆ Facilitations, Transactions
  ◆ Brokerage services
  ◆ Logistics



  ◆ Motivated, dynamic and reliable at your service!
  ◆ Competent
  ◆ Experienced
  ◆ Multilingual


Peter Boehnlein – Switzerland 
Administration, International Business Development
Contact: peter.boehnlein@consu.ch

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Piotr Wojewodzki – Poland/CIS
Senior Consultant
International business development
Contact: piotr.wojewodzki@consu.ch


Nicholas Andreas Boehnlein – UAE
General Manager, MBA, MSC
Business Development MENA
Contact: nicholas.boehnlein@consu.ch

Limahl Mills – UAE / UK
Consultant, GIA /AJP
Business Development MENA
Contact: limahl.mills@consu.ch

Serge Ukety – D.R. Congo
Consultant, BA
Business Development Africa
Contact: serge.ukety@consu.ch



December 2017

...metals in sheets and sections! 

The new mandate from international operating MONDACO L.L.C. is exactly matching the skills and know-how of the Consu International team. Our services ranging from supply chain optimization and administrative matters to technincal propositions and business development.   

July 2017

...New Brands available!

CONSU LLC Switzerland registered two promising brands available for new business ideas. Be clever, jump on a future market…we will support you!

SwissConcierge (www.swissconcierge.ae)

The GCC is a fast-growing region with strong demands for top service in outstanding quality and perfect timing. 

Swiss Fine Food (www.swissfinefood.com)

Key words are Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Egg-free or nutrition-diet foods with Swiss innovation.

June 2017

…Dollars & Dirhams! *

The successful promotion and management work for INT. CARTEL resulted in the registration of INT. RECORDS FZ LLC, a Dubai based music-recording, music-production and music-distribution company. Target is the professional production of popular music with existing artists including the worldwide distribution of recorded songs. In addition, the scouting of local UAE based music talents and their promotion is a key activity of the new label. Contacts to the US music industry and the artists management will remain in the hands of CONSU International FZE.

*) listen under www.intrecords.com      

May 2017

...innovative surface-protection film!

R-FOLL is a Polish developer and manufacturer of «glue-less» surface protection films named ELASTILEN. This innovative and patented product is designed for the use on roofing and cladding elements made of steel or aluminium (composite panels, sandwich panels, curtain wall systems…) but also for glass, ceramics, stone, polycarbonate, laminates and others. Especially in cold or hot climates with heavy UV impact ELASTILEN is easy to remove without any glue remaining. We successfully support the promotion and sales of this very interesting product througout the GCC and on many internatinal markets.


March 2017

... a famous visitor!

Swiss Concierge (SC), managed by CONSU International, was proud to handle the major parts of the Dubai visit of Leonardo Di Caprio, one of the worlds most famous motion picture actors, Oscar winner, UN Messenger of Peace and environmental activist. Leo and his team spent a view days in Dubai in relation with his strong engagement on climate change and the search of potential measurements to avoid a global disaster. Our Swiss perfection and flexibility was very much appreciated by the visitor and his partners. A funny part was the diner at Nusr-Et, the famous place for meat lovers managed by Saltbea, a glamorous Turkish butcher with over 8 mio followers on Instagram.



February 2017

...you can't know, until you grow!

Fashion, Phases, Trends? Forget it! GØLD´s isn't just another beard care brand. We proudly represent GØLD´s throughout the GCC. The german quality lifestyle brand made by men, for men. Innovative, and cool with best ingeridents on the market.

GØLD´s is available at "Skills Gents Lounge", Dubai. For other areas please contact us!  


November 2016

We are happy to announce our membership at the Swiss Business Council Dubai!


August 2016

INT. CARTEL, a glitzy job! 
The new mandate for our team, prima facie an unusual mission for representatives of the classic business development. Consultancy in the music world links glamour with profitability. We have the expertise to manage related operational targets. 
Our mandate: A-Z record label and artist management.




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